About us

Sumpraxis was founded in 2004 to provide project management services to firms seeking to leverage the cost advantage of sourcing services from India.

We have evolved since and some of the waypoints were:

  1. Expanded our geographic presence to include offices in Florida, Virginia, Sweden, India and Shen Yang, China
  2. Shifted our market focus to top line revenue growth opportunities for our clients from cost reduction strategies
  3. Developed specialized domain expertise in intellectual property, engineering and digital media markets, including development of leading technology solutions

We are committed towards continuous growth of revenue and value creation/ addition for our clients by generating new sourcing and market expansion opportunities coupled with improvements in utilization of technology and intellectual property.

We support firms in developing, planning, implementing and optimizing their global markets strategy, especially in the emerging markets like India and China.

We focus on enhancing revenue and value addition opportunities through cost effective sourcing and new market entry initiatives.

We help Small and Mid-sized firms optimize their emerging market engagements by leveraging our experience to accelerate time to market and mitigating implementation risk.