July 15, 2006

Sumpraxis Offers M&A Services for Smaller U.S. Firms Seeking Offshore Presence; Leverages Overseas Contacts Acquired through Firm’s Outsourcing Work

BOCA RATON, Fla.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–July 11, 2006: — Sumpraxis LLC, a provider of knowledge process outsourcing services, now offers mergers and acquisition consulting for small and mid-sized U.S. companies that want to own their offshore service providers or expand into global markets. Sumpraxis leverages its broad network of overseas contacts and business experience to identify acquisition targets, perform due diligence, and determine the optimal transaction arrangement for the client’s business.

These services help small and middle-market clients set up overseas subsidiaries capable of handling skilled business processes such as CAD/CAM/CAE file conversion, healthcare claims processing and expense processing. Sumpraxis’ involvement speeds the process and lowers risk for smaller companies without in-house M&A resources or offshore connections by placing M&A activities in the hands of outsourcing professionals who have spent decades working with offshore suppliers and partners.

The resulting “virtual captive” facilities enable businesses to achieve the cost savings associated with offshoring services while also providing complete control over operations and increasing the valuation of the business through ownership of the offshore facility. The overseas sites also can spur revenue growth by making it possible to add new U.S. service offerings that would otherwise be too costly to provide as well as extend operations into major markets like China and India.

Sumpraxis clients have the option to incubate a new subsidiary within Sumpraxis’ wholly owned support centers in India or China and then assume ownership over a period of time, acquire 100% of an existing company, form a joint venture, or execute acquisitions in stages.

One client that has used Sumpraxis’ M&A services is Sento Corporation, a provider of outsourced customer support, technical support and related services in 19 languages to major companies such as McAfee Inc. and Philips Consumer Electronics.:

Sumpraxis initially assisted Sento in replacing a third-party European vendor by acquiring a contact center with operations in The Netherlands and France to serve European customers. Sento then returned to Sumpraxis for help in expanding its European operations by contracting for the provision of four Nordic languages with another partner company in Sweden. Sumpraxis has been consulting with Sento on its India strategy, including potential acquisition of a contact center operator in India that would expand Sento’s services in that country

“Sumpraxis has been instrumental in supporting our strategic expansion both in the U.S. and overseas,” said Patrick F. O’Neal, President and CEO of Sento. “Their services have enabled us to keep our costs low, bring contract services in-house, and take advantage of business opportunities in new markets.”

Sumpraxis also handles sell-side consulting engagements for small and mid-sized companies that are seeking strategic sales to U.S. or overseas companies.

About Sumpraxis

Sumpraxis is a provider of global knowledge process outsourcing services that enable companies to reduce operating costs, minimize risk and accelerate time to market for transaction processing, engineering support and financial services support functions. The company offers a broad array of outsourcing services for the healthcare, financial, engineering, real estate, legal and e-publishing industries. Sumpraxis is headquartered in Delray Beach, Florida, with offices in Chantilly, Virginia, and Chicago, Illinois, as well as India and China. For more information, visit: