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IP Services Overview

Sumpraxis Intellectual Property(IP) service provides an advantage to the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), technology companies, individual inventors, individual attorneys and law firms in the US, Europe and Japan.

Sumpraxis Intellectual Property(IP) service offerings are designed such that Sumpraxis can assist customers in product development, protection and commercialization. These integrated services engages Sumpraxis with the customer from the time a product idea is conceived, till it enters the market. A scalable relationship!!!

Legal firms have the added advantage of providing their clients with additional value delivered  through Sumpraxis. Additionally, legal firms can help their clients to capture shares of new geographical markets and provide mechanisms to lower their development and production cost. Our team comprises of design engineers attached to Patent Attorneys and Agents having specialized domain knowledge in the field of Life Sciences, Pharmaceuticals, Electronics, Mechanical, Telecommunications and software.

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Sumpraxis offers a full complement of intellectual property services, including patent, trademark, copyright,  research , landscaping services and illustration services.

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Trademark Services

Trademark Search

It is important to know the possible use of the mark prior to filing a trademark application. A third party may already have registered the mark or has rights to use the mark that you wish to register. Additionally, if search reflects that the mark is already registered, investing in a trademark search will save the trademark filing fees, costs for change of name in brochures, letterheads, etc.

Copyright Registration

Copyrighting of creative work protects it from unauthorized use. One can control the reproduction, distribution and presentation of the work through registration of copyright in the product.

Design Reg. & Prosecution

Sumpraxis Design Service offering includes conducting design searches, design application drafting, filing and follow up till the registration and grant of Design Registration Certificate.