Patent Illustrations – Case Study

Client – A REPUTED law firm that has focused solely on intellectual property law for over 75 years in the Washington, D.C.

Work Scenario:

Resubmission of Patent Illustrations in USPTO.
Resubmission Date Monday – April 7th 2014
Illustrations not ready Until Friday – March 4th 2014
Last Minute rush with constraints of Cost and Turn around Time.


Sumpraxis’s solution:

Client requests for illustrations at 09:00 EST Friday March 4th 2014
Sumpraxis sends cost estimation with no rush hour charges
Client approves the estimation at Noon – Friday March 4th 2014
Sumpraxis sends draft results by 4pm Sunday – April 6th 2014
Sumpraxis receives client feedback by Sunday Evening
Monday – 12pm illustrations successfully filed.