March 4, 2009

Sumpraxis forms an alliance with T-VEC as their exclusive partners in India…..

T-VEC develops some of the world’s most advanced model-based verification and testing tools. They detect problems early when they are least expensive to correct and prevent them from impacting downstream development activities.

The T-VEC tool suite is composed of three applications:

  1. T-VEC Tabular Modeler (TTM)
  2. T-VEC Tester for Simulink®
  3. T-VEC Vector Generation System (VGS)
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Februray 6, 2009

Sumpraxis Offers Innovative Corrugated Pallet Design in U.S.

One fairly unique idea found at the recent Promat materials handling show is the SolidPak pallet marketed in the United States by Sumpraxis (www.sumpraxis.com).It uses triangular corrugated board to create a lightweight, strong, unique design.
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